Stray Leaves Tea

2020 Raw Puer Collection from Bitterleaf Tea



Samples have come in different shapes and sizes for a while. I personally prefer to get at least two sessions. The Treat Yourself 2020 collection comes with two dragonballs of most of the Bitterleaf 2020 offering. Opening the jar is a delightfully strong smell.

The jar includes samples of almost all of the raw puer offered by Bitterleaf Teas in 2020.

This includes:

On your way to check out, you are also given the option of adding a 120ml Sweet Water Gaiwan for only $12. This is the perfect size for brewing these little dragon balls, and I added one to my order to try it out.

It is taller than wider, which gives a smaller top opening. While good for dragon balls, it is taking me a minute to figure out how to brew with, as I have large fingers, and prefer a bigger gaiwan. That said, a larger size would dilute the tea too much, so I’m improving my brewing technique instead.



If you were starting out with young puer, this is the perfect way to go. If you’re further in your tea journey, this is a fun presentation and a great way to try the whole collection.